There are a couple of factors that affect the cost of a metal roof. If you know what these factors are, you will have a better idea about metal roofs. Knowing more about metal roofs will help you choose whether you should get an “investment grade” or an “entry-level” residential metal roofing system.

Today, before you hire roofers Metz (Moselle), we are going to share with you the main factors that affect metal roof cost.

The Co\mplexity of the Roof

Your home’s construction design will play a huge role in figuring out the cost of your new metal roof. Of course, it will cost you a lot lesser if your roof is a simple cape or ranch colonial that is simply 2 planes. However, you will have to spend more money if your roof had dormers with valleys and hips. Also, other factors that affect the cost of metal roof installation include the pitch of the roof, steepness, and height of the roof.

Design of the Metal Roof

When it comes to residential metal roofs, there are 2 common vertical seam and modular panels. These two metal roof designs differ in terms of interlocking panels, flange, clips, and fasteners. The two of the common styles of vertical seam panels include architectural standing seam and exposed fastener agricultural panels. There are different configurations for modular panels. This includes tile, slate, shake, and shingle. Aside from that, not every product is the same thickness. That’s why you should really be wary. A couple of aluminum panels are thicker compared to some. Thicker panels usually last longer and offer more protection. Every single one is an ideal option for you. Just like color, style is subjective. However, you are guaranteed that there are styles and colors that will suit your budget.

Metal Roof Coating

Coatings also help in figuring out if an aluminum or steel roofing system is an “investment grade” or “entry-level” type. Clear-coated steel roofs provide the natural steel look. However, the finish has a tendency to deteriorate after a couple of years of exposure to the elements. On the other hand, high-quality metal roof types have the PVDF finish. This is also known as the Hylar 5000 and Kynar 500 in the industry. These are high-quality coatings that you should consider if you want your metal roof to last for a longer period.

Metal Type

Zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel are some of the most popular metal roofing materials available today in the market. The most affordable one is steel, together with its different galvanic coatings. However, since it will rust, it isn’t suggested for architectural residential installations. For base metal on residential projects, aluminum is the best option. It has all of the advantages of the richer metals, zinc, and copper, with the extra advantages of high reflective properties and high-quality coating. Unpainted zinc and copper roofs are known for their natural look. However, they are also costly. Aside from that, usually, their use is for smaller accent roofs such as entrances or bay windows.